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Flat boards and hollow soffits are included in the range. It is important to provide proper ventilation of the roof void in a cold roof situation. To see the requirements of the Building Regulations for roof void ventilation please click here.

Details of the full range of Summit soffits available from Shepherds UK

9mm Flat Board Soffits

A large range of soffit boards and general purpose cellular PVC boards in white and colours. They produce a clean finish and come with a range of matching trims.

Colours: White, Cream, Mahogany, Light Oak, Rosewood, Irish Oak, Anthracite Grey, Black
Sizes (mm): 100, 150, 175, 200, 225, 300, 405,

9mm Vented Soffits (10mm gap)

Suitable for roofs with a pitch greater than 15 deg. These soffits allow a flow of air into and out of the roof void equivalent to a 10mm continuous gap as required by the Building Regulations.

Colours: White, Mahogany, Light Oak, Rosewood, Black
Sizes (mm): 150, 175, 225, 300, 405

New Colour: Anthracite Grey (subject to minimum order)
Sizes (mm): 150, 175, 225, 300, 405

9mm Vented Soffits (25mm gap)

These boards have a double row of slots that allow a rate of airflow through the roof void equivalent to a 25mm continuous gap. They are suitable for roof pitches below 15deg, especially flat roofs.
Colours: White
Sizes (mm): 300, 405

Hollow Soffit

A popular and economical board that can be mounted along the length of the soffit but is more usually cut into short lengths and mounted across the depth of the soffit to produce an interesting detail to the soffit.

Colours: White, Mahogany, Light Oak, Rosewood, Black
Sizes (mm): 100 (white only), 300

New Colour: Anthracite Grey
Size: 300 mm

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New Wood Grain Soffits & Fascias


New Anthracite Grey Gutter


(RAL 7016)

NEW! Superdeep 170
The kayflow Superdeep170 Gutter System

The all new Superdeep170 from Kayflow is super tough and carries over 5x more water than Kayflow Deep.